December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas eve in New Zealand. Bright and sunny though snow would be a welcome sight for this North American east coast gal. Santa stopped by early this year as we celebrated on Friday night. We're jetting off for some much needed rest and looking forward to a new year.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday (snow or no snow) and hope that it's a magical one with those you love.

Some recent pics.... (having troubles using the blogger app and adding text underneath the pic)
Here's a cup of Christmas cheer in front of my favorite tree (blinded by the sun naturally).

Santa loot.

Found, a red cup full of peppermint mocha, my Kiwi friends are no doubt embarrassed by this as it has nothing on a real Kiwi espresso.

And a reminder from a great friend, no matter how far apart we are, the laughs keep us close.

December 3, 2012

An update and overdue hello

Hello, hello.

It's been awhile and now it's December. One of my favourite times of the year. December makes me so very happy. And I could use some happy thoughts.

Because lately, things are hard. My mom's health is not good. I'm far from family. And on top of that, I'm struggling with my wandering gnome life. When I make a new gem of a friend, they will (I feel) inevitably leave me. (I have lots to be thankful for living in a great country but a serious downside is friends moving away/returning to their home/travelling etc.) Because they do. Or sometimes I leave them. (I know these kinds of friends are life long friends and always there but having a good great friend close to you is so much more fun.) Having a built in partner in crime/sit in silence so you're never alone/fill your day with random texts, notes, reminders, great stories, great laughs...? You know the kind I'm sure. I have only met a small handful of these gems and I'm so far from them. And when I could really use one to lean on, even just to hear them say how much things suck, suddenly the distance seems endless.

So blogging has been a challenge. Trying not to be down and out, not be too sad, and also when life brings it, not be too happy. It's a balancing act of guilt, fear, and life.

I want life to have happy thoughts even when there are struggles. So I'm here, even if I'm struggling on how to write about silly things that make me happy like, how much I love my Christmas tree, when there are bigger unhappy things facing someone I love so much. See, even typing it feels like such an unbalance.

But I want to blog, I love this little community and corner I have. And I want to focus on appreciating the small things that make me happy. Because it's always the small things. Day by day. Step by step.

It's summer Christmastime here in New Zealand, and here are some small things that make me happy:

  • White lights on a Christmas a tree
  • Cold glass of white sav blanc on a hot sunny day
  • Sitting on the patio with my feet up watching the waves, or clouds
  • Having a cuddly cat be my hot water bottle and keep me warm
  • Having friends over for dinner, cooking them something tasty that fills their bellies
  • Hot, hot showers
  • Cold crisp grapes
  • Iron free summer dresses
  • Flip flops, jandals (to-may-toe, to-mah-toe)
  • Pumpkin spiced coffee
  • A text from a friend saying hi
  • A call (or email, hey I'm long distance) from family saying hi
  • When Kev makes me dinner, and fusses with all the pots, pans, and cooking techniques I tell him to use
  • A good hair with 2 day old hair
  • When friends make me dairy free treats when they're having everyone over and know I can only eat dairy free (new and a challenge!)
  • A photo calendar of my adorable nephew
  • Mail! Letters, cards, especially the Christmas kind
  • Santa in a convertible
  • Hearing that my mom is having a good day, and is happy too.