January 28, 2013

Melbourne Australia part 2

Christmas in Australia was a blast, and I loved our two day road trip on the Great Ocean Road. But we also spent five days relaxing in St. Kilda's mixed with venturing 30 minutes into the city (via the tram) for sunny strolls and fell in love with Melbourne. Everyone says what a great city it is, and it didn't disappoint. Sadly my camera doesn't do it justice, taken on my iphone, but I hope you get the vibe. The city streets are wide, with large sidewalks and lined with trees. The buildings tall, the architecture beautiful, and sun beaming down on every corner. Many an alley was found covered in graffiti art with vibrant colours, and when we weren't even looking we discovered the Yarra River that runs through the central business district. We stumbled into Federation Square, enjoying gelato while sinking into lounge chairs put out for the holiday movies (or cricket game, as it happened that day).

I can't wait to go back and restaurant hop as there was plenty to dine at but only so much time. I also missed out on shopping since it was a wee bit hectic with Boxing Day shoppers, instead I stood on the sidewalks trying to get a peek into the windows through the crowds.

And next time I'm bringing a camera!

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  1. Love the graffiti and the warm sunshine on the chairs. Looks like you had an amazing time :)


So glad you wandered by!