January 15, 2013

One, two, three

A breakfast dinner inspired by $2.99 blueberries.

It can't get cheaper unless you count the blueberries I've picked for free in the rocky hills of Northern Ontario Canada. Here in New Zealand they are usually priced at $10.99. And every time I spy them in the store, I gasp and shake my fists at the grocery walking away empty handed remeniscing about all the blueberries I could eat when I lived in California because at Trader Joes they were $3.99. (That's right, blueberries span three countries and evoke a story from me, which now will be, remember that time we bought blueberries for $2.99 in New Zealand when they usually cost $10.99!!?!)

After a long day at work I declared I was not up for cooking. But breakfast? Breakfast for dinner was possible.

Enter this deliciously baked cinnamon gooey banana, hot blueberry goodness (made with rice milk!)

photo 1

  photo 2

  photo 3

 I'm pretty sure I just ate dessert for dinner. It was amazing.


  1. OK, that looks amazing! And pretty healthy, too, I imagine, especially for something so decadent :)

  2. Oh that looks great! I have a punnet of blueberries in my fridge. I've been buying them a lot at the moment, they've gone down from $8.99 to about $3.99!


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