January 3, 2013

What to stop, start and continue for 2013

New Years Day 2013

New Years Day breakfast

Cheers to the new year! I hope 2013 brings you a year filled with fun and happiness to build more great memories.  

Were you like me and so over 2012 by mid-December? I was ready to start the new year but I needed to be a little more patient to enjoy the last two weeks. For Christmas we took off on a very last-minute changed itinerary to Melbourne Australia, I'll share more about that trip in another post. On New Years Eve we flew back home to New Zealand, and ended 2012 with a low key evening by cuddling on the couch with the cats, sipping champagne and toasting to 2013 by watching a movie. It was a very relaxing way to ring in the new year, and probably all the energy we could muster up after a busy week travelling in Australia.

Instead of setting new goals and making resolutions that I'll never get around to, I decided to do a stop, start, continue reflection and see what I could do for 2013. I'd love to hear what you're planning and all exciting things you've been dreaming up!


... stressing out on things I cannot change. This sounds easier than it is, but I really to need to stop fretting late at night when I'm trying to sleep... which leads to starting things to help me find my calm...


... doing more activities with friends, say yes to them more often than not.
... Tai Chi. 
... conversational French classes, I studied it for 13 years but never used it, and maybe it will inspire a trip to France one day.
... drinking more water and tea.
... reading more. 
... wearing clothes that fit me. Over the years my weight has fluctuated, and I was at my heaviest during the time I was working from home (six years ago). Now that I've shed some of those pounds, I still think of myself as bigger than I am, so it's about time I focus on the size I am now and wear clothes that fit, rather than buying too big or "comfy" items. (I also want to start tailoring pieces that I love that could use a little help to improve the shape or allow them to fit properly, things like sleeve lengths or arm widths.)
... planning regular dates for Kev and I to enjoy.
... sending birthday cards to family and close friends. I'm on a mission this weekend to organise myself, so that each month I'll have it sorted on what cards I'm sending out. I'll have to get an organiser and stamps, and for fun some fancy pens.
... a side business and work for myself again.


... cooking, and trying new recipes. I love to cook and really want to start adapting my favourite meals with diary-free alternatives. (I've been dairy-free for over three months and noticing a lot of positive changes, such as the excema on my eyes and behind my ears cleared up and my joints aren't so stiff). I'm debating going vegan, but that feels so drastic that I'm going to follow the Oh She Glow's series and see how it goes.
... travelling in New Zealand. From January to March, I have four trips booked that include Queenstown, Taupo (twice!) and a week long getaway around the South Island with a great friend visiting from San Francisco. (I'd also like to try standby and grab the next available flight out for a weekend to see where it takes me and what adventures will follow.)
... making house a home. I stopped a lot of my favourite things when my mom got sick. I feel like I stopped a lot of things, just let go, and I need to get back on track to find some stability and routine. For this one, I want to get back to making house a home. It was quite awhile back when I shared my bedroom inspiration, but it's almost complete, and I'd love to share how it turned out.

It took some time to create this list, and I found it hard to think of things to stop because I just wanted to turn it into something new to start, it was easier to think of things to start! In fact, I could have gone and on, but I need to focus a bit if I'm going to get these going. Once I do, I'll post some more things to start and keep at it.

What's on your list this year?

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