April 25, 2013

Pretty new look

It's fall here, so I thought a new look around here would do me some good. Kinda like spring cleaning but not since it's fall on this side of the world!

I purchased a premade blogger template from Beautiful Dawn Designs (http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeautifulDawnDesigns) etsy shop. It was super easy to download and install, the hard part was picking just one beautiful design! I've not met or even chatted with the talent behind the work but her designs and easy to follow directions are fantastic! I did need to edit the blog header to my blog name in an editing program (I have photoshop) and I did search and install the pretty fonts used, but that was all I had to contribute. The hard work was already done! And for $25 it was a done deal... If you've ever done you're own design, then you know all about the errors, refreshing, googling and bottles of wine on standby just to get something halfway decent posted. And even then all sorts of things go wonky. Let me know what you think! Also please let me know if it doesn't match this pretty little screen cap. (I'm posting using the blogger app and it's hard to insert links and pics!)

We're off on another weekend adventure! I have so many to share and hope to get around to them soon.

Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for reading!

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