August 19, 2013

Oh hello

It's been awhile hasn't it? It was hard to blog when things got hard in life. And it was hard to find something meaningful to write about, to think about, and sometimes to care about. 

Blogging can be about so many things. Maybe you want friends, money or popularity. Maybe you want to be anonymous and tell a story or a secret. Or maybe you just want to practice your writing. Maybe you want to jump on the blogging train or maybe you want to say that you'd been there, done that got the t-shirt. 

I love to read blogs. 

All day, every day I love reading blogs. When I wake up, when I'm on the bus, when I have free time, when I want to relax, when I have a break I just want to open up the life book of blogs and read. Sometimes to escape in their adventures, or to discover something new. To feel something I hadn't. Or to find inspiration.

I love reading about life and others experiences. Learning about their daily life. Things that make them happy. Sad. Scared. Excited. The small things. The big things. The cliche things and the risque things.

I've read some blogs for years, more than a decade even, and though I might not know the blogger personally, I've rooted for them. I've wanted to comfort them and wanted to high five them. (Because high fives are underrated and who doesn't love a high five?) 

I read because I love hearing what others have to say. Even if I disagree. I like to know they have an opinion because then we can have a conversation.

And I blog so I can participate. To be a part of the conversation. I'm just not very consistent. That happens. Life happens. I get side tracked, and can't find something worthy of sharing. But. I always read. Even when life gets side tracked, I still read.