About me

I am...

Thirty-ish (which sounds old, so to help me feel young I'd like to point out I still get carded and it always makes my day.)

Living and loving life in New Zealand.

Previously lived and loved Los Angeles and San Francisco, California.

From Toronto, Canada and have also enjoyed life in Vancouver.

In love with Kevin. He does special effects for a living and his work allows us to live in all these amazing cities. I never imagined I'd be living away from Canada, but deep down I was always wanting to leave and see the world.

I used to be a wedding coordinator and I sometimes miss the crazy fun work. But really I just loved working for myself and miss that lifestyle the most.

Now I'm a hodge podge blend working in New Zealand, still trying to find my way.

In love with my fur babies, Sven and Turkey. Often referred to as Svenboat and Turkey nuggets.